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De Sint is weer in het land. Karel en Madelief hebben heel hard voor hem gezongen.

Today was the beginning of the most exciting time of the year: the steamboat from Madrid arrived in our country, brining us Saint Nicolas and his Black Petes. On december 5th they are going to bring presents to all little children who have been good.

Between today and december 5th, the children need to put their shoes by the chimney - with a carrot for the saint's horse, of course - and they will wake up to find them filled with candy. And it can never hurt to sing a Saint Nicolas song or two - there are at least 20 different ones that every child knows - if you want to get really good presents.

In some mysterious way, the parents always seem to know on what days the Black Petes will actually come to bring candy. Maybe they look up the Petes' schedule on the internet?

This picture is from the parade celebrating the coming of the Saint to our city. Karel and Madelief did their utter best and sang a few songs for Saint Nicolas.