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We mogen best trots zijn op onze eigen cultuur, zegt Geertje Wilders. Nou, daar ben ik het helemaal mee eens, zolang het om onze Hollandse keuken gaat: er gaat niks boven een lekkere stamppot rauwe andijvie! Of foeksandijvie, zoals wij het vroeger thuis noemden, omdat andijvie, aardappels en spekjes allemaal door elkaar gefoekst worden.
O ja, ik was de kok - en het was nog lekker ook!

Not only my favorite Socialist Party gained a lot of seats in Dutch parliament - the brand new Freedom Party gained nine seats, which means that six percent of the population voted for them. Their idea of freedom? Bring a halt to the expansion of Islam. don't build any more mosques and there are too many migrants. And did I mention they don't like muslims?
But when their leader says that we have to be proud of our own culture, I have to agree - as long as we're talking food, that is. Today I made a tradional Dutch stamppot rauwe andijvie - or foeksandijvie, as it is called in the area where I grew up.
It consists of boiled potatoes mixed with fried smoked bacon and uncooked escarole endive and some milk.