Uw Stemadvies Is: SP

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Hoera, de Stemwijzer is weer in de lucht! Met 30 vragen waar ik enkele heikele thema's in mis zoals het meedoen aan agressieve NAVO-acties, het afbreken van betaalbare woningen of het privatiseren van zorg en openbaar vervoer.
Ook geen woord over de Europese Unie of over de doodstraf.
Maar goed: De uitslag komt aardig overeen met de verwachtingen, al vind ik dan Wilders en de SGP nog enger dan de VVD.

Stemwijzer is a Dutch website that helps people to make a choice for our forthcoming national elections. Visitors are presented 30 statements and fill in agree/disagree/don't know, after which the site calculates how much congruency there is between the given replies and the points of view of all competing parties.
I am missing some issues which I think are important (joining agressive NATO operations, replacing affordable homes by expensive ones, privatizing health care and public transportation, adhering to a European consitution, introducing death penalty - I'm not much in favor of any of these) but nevertheless the site pointed me to the party I wanted to vote anyway.