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I am still working on my art project called Handcastle - an evergrowing collection of drawings children made on their hands.

I gave the homepage of Handcastle a new, cleaner look. Instead of twelve rotating thumbnails there is now one fullsized slideshow that loads a new, random, picture every five seconds.

Of course the pages with all the thumbnails are still there, they are linked to from the front page. These are the contributions Flickr friends sent me.

I also made a miniature version of the slideshow for you to add to your website.

To add the slideshow to your site, grab the following bit of code and add it to your site:
<iframe width=290 height=320 scrolling="no" src="http://handrandom-eti.blogspot.com"></iframe>

If you like the project, give your kids some pens or markers and send me their artworks!