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Het gebouw dat volgens ons niet past in de verbinding tussen de binnenstad en Lombok is bij de presentatie wel erg klein ingetekend. We hebben het over zes bouwlagen.
Links de presentatie, rechts mijn gephotoshopte variant die de realiteit meer benadert.

On the left, the image of the official presentation of the building they want to make close to where I live (last year, some ugly old factories were, quite understandably, knocked down - but unfortunately, two rows of beautiful turn-of-the century homes were torn down as well).

We started a local action committee that wants architecture that fits orginically in the neighborhood, not a glass wall that makes the old neighborhood that lies behind it completely invisible.

The building will be 6 floors, and yesterday we realized that in comparison to the old house across the street it only looks like a four storey building. They made it looks smaller than it will be, probably because they knew nobody wants a highrise in the middle of a historic neighborhood.
To the right is my photoshopped version that gives a more exact impression of the height the building will have.

I appreciate comments and tips on my photoshopping crafts...