nightly build

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In the tunnel next to my house they are now spending every weekend building stuff - of course they start around midnight and stop in the morning, creating a lot of noise all night long.
A bit stupid because they are going to build a big wall along the railroad so that we won't hear the trains that much anymore.

In reality, I like the view from my place, and I am not bothered by the noise from the railroad, the only thing bothering me is the noise of the builders of the anti-noise wal.

But the construction work is also a nice photo opportunity for my new camera. I am impressed by the pictures I can take at night. For this one I did some level correction and sharpening in Photoshop but it wasn't even necessary. The only things blurry are the things that actually moved during the 1/1.3 seconds the lens was open.

I did not add one of my artsy bevel border tthingies because I am still in the process of finding out how that is done in Photoshop...