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Remember our previous pramhunting episode?

We had not lost all faith in mankind. We were still ready to travel to godforsaken parts of the country and deal with the local pram mob witches. Anything for an Urban Jungle Twin!

So, our quest brought us to Uitgeest today. That sounds spooky enough. 'Uit' means 'out' and 'geest' means 'ghost', so go figure. Even spookier was it that we found out there are direct trains from Utrecht that have Uitgeest - a small village in a completely different part of the country - as their final destination. And the power failure that caused trains to stop running, was miraculously over as soon as we entered the railway station. So we could be quite sure that it was all one big setup, and that once in Uitgeest we would be invited into a dark dungeon that would reveal all dark secrets of pramhood we didn't want to know about at all.

But how different reality was. We were welcomed by a very friendly family. The man picked us up from the station. We were invited into their home. Their kids handed us their teddy bears. We were offered coffee. And we were presented a perfect twin pram of exactly the type we wanted for a reasonable price.
So, here it is, ready to roll - our Urban Jungle Twin!