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yesterday was a day of national panic in the Netherlands. the traffic jams of morning rush hour lasted throughout the day until well after midnight. most train and bus lines did not operate at all. on some highways, the traffic jam was monitored for people whose car was out of fuel so they might freeze to death.

the reason for all this is a snowstorm. the east of the country got between 5 and 10 cm of snow. the area where i live got some snow on the window panes but it did not remain on the ground.

why such a little bit of snow should lead to national panic, is something i don't really get...

op de dag van nationale paniek gisteren bleef de sneeuw in utrecht nog even liggen op de ruiten, maar niet op de grond... waarom een laagje sneeuw in het oosten van het land tot nationale ontreddering moet leiden, ontgaat mij een beetje